LAPD Detective Tells Visitors To Stay Away For The Holidays For Their Safety

Los Angeles is not a good choice for holiday season travel, according to a detective with the L.A. Police Department. Det. Jamie McBride is also the head of the LAPD union and said that the department is concerned that it simply cannot protect people from the spike in rampant crime throughout the area.

McBride told Fox News last week that the city is currently like the movie “The Purge.” The plot of that movie centered on all crimes being legal for 24 hours. Follow-home and smash-and-grab robberies have been skyrocketing in the city. He placed much of the blame on modified sentencing and zero-bail policies for much of the surge in lawlessness.

McBride said that it is sad, but it might be safer “to hang out with Alec Baldwin on a movie set” than to visit Los Angeles at the moment. Because of the risk of violence, he said that officers are simply telling people not to see the city “because we don’t think we can keep you safe.”

The detective also criticized Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom for increased crime throughout California. He also said that prosecuting attorneys around the state are “advocating for the criminals” regarding robberies and theft crimes.

McBride called for changing laws to return to an attitude of being tough on crime. He added that California needs to “get rid of these so-called progressive” prosecuting attorneys. McBride went on to say that shaming crime victims is destructive, and both Republicans and Democrats want to feel safe in their homes and on their streets.

Sarah Veenstra is an L.A. resident who told reporters that the city has an “eerie atmosphere.” She said that it is “pretty scary” walking in the city at night and is not as safe as she expected it to be when she moved to California earlier this year from Wisconsin. She said that she is “definitely carrying something” whenever she is away from home at night.