LAPD Warns against Wearing Jewelry in Public

Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore issued a warning on Wednesday cautioning residents and visitors to not wear expensive jewelry in public as the surge of violent crime plaguing the city continues.

Moore also addressed a group of city officers during the meeting of the L.A. Police Commission and said that the department is telling the public to “remain vigilant.” The chief said that the public is being told to be mindful and remain in well-lit areas when going and coming to restaurants and other public locations while wearing “expensive jewelry or driving high-end cars.”

He added that citizens should understand that there are “opportunists” who are willing to take advantage of them, often “armed with firearms.”

LAPD crime statistics indicate that armed robberies in the county are up by 44 percent in just the last year. The chief said that the department is attempting to respond by “tracking the increase” in robberies while “looking at suspect and vehicle descriptions” of persons suspected of crime.

The police department has also told residents that if they are the victims of robbery, they should “cooperate” with the criminals and “not fight back.”

Moore added that the public should do whatever they can to prevent the crimes. In a jurisdiction where the right to self-defense has been rendered virtually non-existent, that would appear to mean either staying locked away at home or only traveling around in the daytime while not wearing any jewelry or driving a car that a criminal might want to steal.

Meanwhile, new census data was released on Thursday showing that Los Angeles County had the greatest net population loss due to domestic migration in the entire nation during the first full year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Between April 2020 and July 2021, L.A. County lost more than 180,000 residents to other states. The county’s population fell to less than 10 million. Other big population losers in California during the same period include San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley.

The Dallas and Houston metropolitan areas had two of the top three net population increases during the period.

Crime conditions in California appear to be on a very concerning path, as the people who are leaving the state in record numbers are almost certainly the likely victims of crime, as the most likely perpetrators remain.