Lauren Boebert: ‘Biden Made Promises, And We’re Disappointed’

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has been under fire, but she’s placed President Joe Biden under fire for failing on the single promise that we’re not even sure what he means.

Boebert tweeted, “It’s almost the end of 2021, and I’ve yet to see Biden mobilize pressure as he promised. What’s the hold-up?”

While many Twitter users didn’t seem to understand the incompetence of their president, so Boebert followed up with, “I see many of the uninformed basement dwellers missed this moment of Biden’s campaign. Not surprising, sadly.” Boebert added the video where Biden said “truinternatialdepressure” with vocal expedience. There’s no telling what Biden was talking about, and it would be great to hear from him on this.

It’s finally time for the left-wing media to come out and start criticizing Biden for his ridiculous speeches and gaff’s and they are.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny said Biden is “not accepting any responsibility for this lack of testing,” proving that CNN is capable of going after Biden, especially after some of their employees are in hot water over sex trafficking and possible sexual involvement with minors.

ABC’s Terry Moran said, “He hasn’t seized hold of the issues that a lot of people are most concerned about.”

Biden also kept saying “pills” when talking about COVID-19 tests. That’s an odd comparison as there isn’t a COVID-19 pill available. The FDA approved Pfizer for a COVID-19 pill, but it hasn’t hit the shelves yet. Biden’s the one that said tests were ordered in September, and the government spent $2 billion to get more tests? NPR reported, “The government also plans to boost access to home tests for COVID-19, buying nearly $2 billion in tests for a variety of settings ranging from shelters to food banks.”

Where did the $2 billion go, and why does Biden not know about it? It’s confusing, and apparently, Biden is very confused.

Thanks to Boebert for reminding us of Biden’s ridiculous promises. Media outlets are beginning to remember what Biden and Harris said before they were elected, and they’re not making good on any of their promises. We recognize, and you should too.

No politician can go on as Biden has without accountability, even if it’s social responsibility. Keep reminding them that they’re full of crap and remind them that their statements were why they got elected, and they need to make good on this “truinternatialdepressure” that they’ve been talking about. We’re waiting.