Lawsuit Details Video Showing Destruction Of Evidence By Pennsylvania Election Officials

A new lawsuit was filed on Thursday against Kathy Boockvar, former Pennsylvania Secretary of State, the Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Board of Elections, and several elected officials regarding a whistleblower’s release on Wednesday of a video depicting questionable activities during the November 2020 election.

The case was filed on behalf of several Delaware County residents alleging that the newly released video shows county officials removing and destroying records from the election. The lengthy complaint also includes a comprehensive collection of documentary exhibits. In addition to providing the evidence, the lawsuit alleges a conspiracy among the defendants to conceal illegal acts during the 2020 election.

The plaintiffs claim that the conspiracy was to destroy and alter election materials and data so that defendants could “prevent the discovery of the fraudulent results” of the November 2020 election.

The complaint alleges that the public records request submitted to Delaware County officials from May of this year was the spark leading to the conspiracy and subsequent cover-up. A video captures what appears to be a conversation that occurred a week after the records request. The discussion was between James Allen, Director of Elections, and Jim Savage, Chief Custodian, and Voting Machine Warehouse Supervisor.

Allen is heard on the video telling Savage to “get rid of the pads and the second scanners.” Allen tells Savage they cannot discuss it further and says, “It’s a felony.” The complaint alleges that Savage expanded a later conversation to include at least one other county employee in destroying evidence.

The whistleblower’s videos include other conversations depicting county officials discussing the destruction of election data tapes after the records request. One official admits throwing away tapes but says they are “of no audit value.”

Another video shows a lawyer tearing tapes out of voting machines and putting them in a garbage receptacle. The lawyer said that he didn’t want anybody picking up the discarded tapes, to which a county official said, “We’re gonna have a little campfire going.”

The lawsuit alleges causes of action for fraud, misrepresentation, election fraud, and injunctive relief.