Leftist Social Media Openly Discusses Violence against Conservative Justices

Far-left violent radicals have been actively threatening the conservative Supreme Court justices since the ruling issued last Friday that brought an end to Roe v. Wade.

A socialist group on Reddit has posted the home addresses of the justices who voted with the majority in reversing Roe. They have also discussed sending mail bombs to them and hunting them down at their churches.

The group is posting in a subreddit titled “r/WorkersStrikeBack.” They describe themselves as leftist, anti-capitalist, and socialist. The forum is dedicated to supporting labor unions, strikes, and protests over working conditions.

In a response to the post containing the addresses of the justices, one user urged the group to stalk the conservative members at their churches. The post suggested they can be tracked at their homes as well “by when they go to church.”

Another user claimed to be a “socialist mailman” and urged readers not to mail bombs that could “hurt your mail handlers.” He said instead he “would encourage more direct action at a time like this.”

Another user declared, “This is a f—ing WAR now,” and another said it’s time that the justices “felt less comfortable and safe.”

A user on TikTok discussed the possibility of using pipe bombs to attack the homes of the justices. A comment placed on a picture of Justice Clarence Thomas with his home address listed the parts purported to be needed to build a pipe bomb.

The surge in overtly threatening social media posts comes after one California man was arrested outside the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and charged with attempted murder. Crisis pregnancy centers have been vandalized and firebombed around the nation, with the shadowy group “Jane’s Revenge” claiming responsibility for many of the attacks.

Threats of harm using any form of interstate commerce, including mail and online messaging, can result in federal felony charges. A single count can result in a five-year sentence in federal prison, and repeated threats can lead to a stalking charge that carries up to 10 years.

Interfering with the administration of justice in federal court is a separate criminal violation that is punishable with a fine and a sentence of up to one year.

After the leak of the draft opinion of the court last month, 25 state attorneys general wrote to Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland calling on him to enforce the federal laws against threats, stalking, and targeting judges at their homes.