Leftists Suffer Meltdown Over End of Airline Mask Mandate

The left continues to lose it over Monday’s ruling by a federal judge striking down the pandemic-era mask mandate for commercial airlines and other public transit.

There was some confusion over the immediate effect of the decision, but the White House and TSA now say they will not challenge the ruling. U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle struck down the mandate and said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention overstepped its authority.

And while most passengers cheer the change, with many being filmed doing so, many leftists are outraged at not being forced to mask up. Some are even calling for mask-only flights and boycotts of airline travel.

Massachusetts Democratic State Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa tweeted her indignation that “courts are effectively taking away power from the federal government.”

Many, Rep. Sabadosa, refer to that concept as “checks and balances.”

Some expressed anger that announcements were made mid-flight, when “it was physically impossible to leave.” Others warned that flights will start being canceled “left and right in 4-6 weeks,” apparently believing the maskless will trigger another pandemic wave.

One Twitter user bemoaned that when Delta announced the change during their flight, “people clapped and took off their masks.” An epidemiologist called Alaska Airlines an “idiot airline,”

Still others, continuing the growing trend of identifying federal judges who issue rulings they disagree with as a “Trump appointee,” slammed Judge Mizelle’s decision and even qualifications. Slate writer Mark Joseph Stern said allowing a federal judge with a resume the left finds lacking to make such a ruling is something “no sane democracy would permit.”

Delta Airlines backtracked on its original announcement Monday expressing its relief that “COVID-19 has transitioned to an ordinary seasonal virus.” After shocked reactions that there is less to fear now than before, the airline updated its statement Tuesday to read that COVID-19 has become “a more manageable respiratory virus.”

The CDC now considers masks unnecessary for most people in crowded sports venues, theaters, bars and restaurants, and there is nothing at all that prevents a person from choosing to wear a mask. What really irks the left is losing some of the last vestiges of pandemic-era government control, of top-down imposition of one-size-fits-all regulations to keep the populace in lockstep with their views. But thankfully, the American public can now breathe easier.