Liberal CNN Viewers Launch Boycott Against Network

The remaining viewers of CNN have launched a boycott of the network, saying that the liberal outlet has swung too far towards the center and calling for a better alternative.

It is akin to vowing to never see a movie no one went to anyway, but it is still news that their own viewers are resisting CNN’s mild changes.

New CNN chairman and CEO Chris Licht pledged to pull back, at least somewhat, from the leftist rhetoric that spewed from the network for several years. He told the viewers who are left that the cable news company will move away from opinionated — and therefore slanted — news coverage.

This shift, real or imagined, is not being well received.

In a petition that just went active, aggravated viewers breathlessly demand a REAL news organization. Without the slightest sense of irony, the petition declares that a news organization should not distort information “in a biased way.”

Whether it happens or not, isn’t that exactly what Licht told viewers that he intends to do?

And it gets better. The author of the petition claims that the opinions of newscasters should “be kept separate from the news.” The obvious question here is, has the person who spearheaded this petition ever watched CNN?


A Twitter user, Kristen Brown, identified herself as an original staffer of the network and expressed her “serious concern” with the direction CNN is now taking. She urged former colleagues to also voice their issues with the network, and her post was retweeted thousands of times.

The hashtag #BoycottCNN has been trending, and for once it was not mainstream Americans upset over the leftist slant of the “most trusted name in news.” Instead, it’s the liberals throwing a fit over what so far has been the tiniest shift back to center.

The network made a few statements and got rid of a bit of deadwood, but there’s certainly been nothing drastic by their own standards. Cutting Brian Stelter loose is throwing a deck chair off the Queen Mary, but apparently that’s enough.

Long-time CNN viewers seem to believe that not attacking every conservative voice is the same as tilting towards the right wing. The network was clearly on its way down before this miniscule shift, and Fox News is far ahead over the horizon in the ratings race.