Lightfoot Calls Abbott’s Bussing of Illegals A ‘Manufactured Crisis’

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) is attacking Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for bussing illegal immigrants to her city, stating that it is “un-American” and a “manufactured crisis.”

Despite the fact that the flood of illegal immigrants coming through Mexico into border towns is much larger than what is being sent to her city, Lightfoot is nonetheless whining about the number of people that Abbott has bussed in.

During an appearance on CNN, the Democrat mayor told host Pamela Brown that illegal immigrants are being shipped on busses with a “lack of dignity” and are sent “to an unknown destination with very little food, very little water.”

“What I don’t like to see is people taking these cross-country trips, getting off the bus and being immediately taken to the hospital because they were put on the buses with delicate medical conditions that no one in Texas seemed to care anything about,” Lightfoot said. “That is simply not right, and it’s un-American.”

She went on to assert that it was a “manufactured crisis” being caused by Abbott, despite the fact that the illegals were coming into the country regardless of where they were being sent, and were going to cause the supposed crisis wherever they ended up.

“This is a manufactured crisis on the part of Gov. Abbott,” Lightfoot claimed. “We can all do our part. And I believe that we all must do our part. But we’ve got to do it with collaboration, with cooperation.”

The Chicago mayor was asked during her interview if she would be okay with Abbott bussing illegal immigrants to her city if the illegals would receive better care. In response, Lightfoot still argued that it was a “unilateral political stunt.”

During an appearance on Newsmax’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight” last month, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody — who is spearheading a lawsuit against the Biden administration regarding its border policies — discussed the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

According to Moody, when Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz was questioned during discovery for the lawsuit against the Biden administration as to whether “this was a crisis” at the southern border, he answered, “Yes.”

When Ortiz was asked if “the numbers this year alone [were] going to be unprecedented — something we’ve never seen,” he once again responded, “Yes.”

The Border Patrol chief also answered “Yes” to the question: “Is this putting American lives and migrant lives at risk?”

“This is the chief of the border patrol,” Moody noted. “So when the Biden White House comes in and says, ‘Nothing to see here,’ we know that is not true.”

Texas has bussed thousands of illegals to New York City and Washington, D.C., and recently added Chicago as a third destination, as part of an initiative from Abbott to force Democrat-run cities to experience the consequences of the left’s advocacy for disastrous illegal immigration policies which have wreaked havoc upon border towns. Washington, D.C., declared a public emergency on Thursday in response to the influx of illegals.