Los Angeles Sheriff ‘Slams’ Progressive Prosecutors

On Tuesday, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva hammered the “progressive” prosecutors harming Californians. He said that many of them reside in a “woke palace” where they are insulated from the outcomes of their decisions that hamper law enforcement and make surging crime worse for ordinary people.

In an appearance on Fox News, Villanueva said that L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón has refused to prosecute over 12,000 cases based on arrests made by county deputies. He added that officers find it disheartening when their work is “undone by a careless and irresponsible” prosecutor. He said that his deputies will not stop doing their jobs and will not use the prosecutors’ decisions as an excuse not to serve the community.

The sheriff said that California needs responsible prosecutors who will file appropriate cases, adding that if they want to “play the role of a public defender,” they should quit their current jobs and move over to that office.

He was asked to respond to recent comments by San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin that calls for increased efforts to combat spiking crime as just “knee-jerk reactions” and that smash-and-grab gang robberies are “not new.”

Villanueva said that asking for increased attention to the recent crime wave is not “knee jerk” but is only basic common sense. He added that Boudin “doesn’t get it” and that if he is interested in reform, he should not ignore stopping surging crime first.

The sheriff blasted the “zero bail” schedule that applies to L.A. County, saying that his deputies cannot even finish the initial paperwork on a stolen carcass before the defendant is walking back out of jail.

Villanueva’s remarks came as Boudin and other San Francisco progressives are strongly opposing Mayor London Breed’s new plan to send police to the city’s Tenderloin District in force to address rampant crime and to help set up centers for drug users to be able to choose between jail and receiving treatment.