Maher Punks Tlaib For ‘Planned Rebuttal’ Of Her Party’s President

Every President’s State of the Union Address gets a rebuttal, it’s standard and expected and nobody bats an eyelash. However, Joe Biden is set to be criticized by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI.), a fellow Democrat, following his speech set for March 1, and Bill Maher is stunned.

The host of HBO’s “Real Time” is calling out the uber-left wing Tlaib, a member of the infamous “Squad,” for her plan to rebut her own party’s President on behalf of the even more obscure Working Families Party (WPF).

Declaring her betrayal as “like sacking your quarterback,” Maher says her actions could cause more issues for Democrats yet.

The talk-show host is hardly a conservative and has built a career on generally bashing Republicans and belief in God. Still, his blunt assessments of the radical left have increasingly called attention to the absurdities of their strident positions.

Tlaib called for a boycott of “Real Time” in 2019 after Maher disparaged attempts to boycott Israel by critics who liken the nation to Nazi Germany, the very definition of irony. The host says he gets asked why his criticism has swung towards the left recently, and his response is “(bs) like that is why.” There is a difference of opinion by someone on your side of the political spectrum, and you still get an immediate call to boycott.

Among other absurdities being spewed by so-called progressives that Maher has recently taken to task is the BLM-inspired notion that America has made no progress in race relations. Calling it a “situational blindness,” the liberal host says it’s like a brain disorder not to see that things are “better than the South before the Civil War.”

Among his targets is fellow comedian Kevin Hart, who said that we see “white power and white privilege at an all-time high.” Maher retorted that Hart’s statement puts on brilliant display the disease of wokeness run amok, showing that “what you say doesn’t have to make sense” and any challenge to what you say is labeled as racist.

In a priceless 2021 rant against what he described as COVID “panic porn,” Maher defended Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for serving and protecting the elderly of Florida better than then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

As we all remember, Cuomo was the darling of the Democratic left for his daily pandemic diatribes before being revealed as a serial harasser and resigning in disgrace.

Maher praised Florida and Texas for measures to protect liberties and thwart useless mandates, saying he is against mixing politics with his personal medical decisions. In doing so, he blamed the legacy media for wanting to keep people masked and indoors to improve their ratings.