Mainstream Media Lashes Out At Elon Musk

All things considered, it appears as though the best days of Twitter are ahead, rather than behind. Last month, businessman Elon Musk completed his acquisition of the platform, despite ongoing speculation about whether or not he would truly go through with it.

Now, Twitter is going to be a platform that embraces free speech over censorship and political neutrality over political bias.

This is enraging many folks on the left who had no problem with right-wing Twitter accounts being censored and shut down. Now, the mainstream media is joining in on attacking Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

More Left-wing Outrage
Mainstream media reporters’ latest outrage deals with Musk’s new plan for blue checkmark accounts. This new plan would have users with blue checkmarks pay $20 per month. No Twitter user is forced to pay this fee, by the very nature of the plan. However, that is not quelling outrage.

Reporters from Raw Story, Quartz, and additional platforms are saying there is no chance they will fork over $240 per year in order to have their blue checkmarks. Other critics who share these views have taken to writing off Musk as a “dumb billionaire.”

This latest episode of left-wing outrage comes as little surprise. From the moment there was even talk about Musk buying Twitter, Democrats were largely against it. When Musk spoke about free speech and the value of open expression, leftists turned up their noses and endorsed censorship.

A Left-wing Exodus From Twitter
Since Musk bought Twitter last month, various left-wing celebrities alleged they are done using the platform. Many folks who made this decision are also rallying for others to leave Twitter.

When the social media site was censoring conservatives on a regular basis, Democrats expressed zero problems with it. They even said platforms have every right to make their own rules. This same sentiment still applies, even though Twitter is no longer being run by pro-censorship forces.

Despite the noise from the left wing, Musk remains clear that he has a game plan to expand Twitter’s user base by the millions. In the long run, this will benefit the company, even if some left-wing users decide to boycott the platform.

The new payment plan for blue checkmarks is just one of several updates that Musk has in the works.