Majority Of Democrats Polled Say They Would Flee Rather Than Fight If The US Was Under Attack

Even though most Americans say they would stay and fight if the US was invaded as Ukraine is now, most Democratic respondents say they would flee the country rather than dig in and defend it.

Republicans by an overwhelming 68-25% margin would stay and fight and independents say by 57-36% that they would do the same. But according to a recent Quinnipiac survey, 52% of US Democrats say they would leave.

Should we even pretend to be surprised?

After decades of blaming the US for the world’s ills, both at home and abroad, is it any wonder that one political demographic is less motivated to defend it? While there are fire-breathing Democratic patriots just as there are Republicans, the anti-American indoctrination that begins in lower grades and becomes near-deafening on college campuses has taken an astronomical toll.

Can you imagine the “Greatest Generation” answering the same question? Our ancestors who struggled and fought through the Depression and WWII were asked if they would turn tail and run if the Russians invaded?

Now it’s imperative to teach our children that this country was founded on systematic racism and that authorities should be feared and hated, not respected. Police target you because of your skin color, not because of actions taken or crimes committed. Because of oppression embedded in every aspect of American society, you are not responsible for what you do.

Our institutions must be torn down and completely rebuilt because they were built centuries ago to perpetuate white supremacy. And, because of things never done to you, people who never did them to anyone owe you reparations to atone for the sins of 19th-century plantation owners.

Is it any wonder so many say they would not defend the United States?

Polling results like the Quinnipiac survey beg for some good news to balance them out, and there is good news. Even large swaths of the left are fed up with wokeness and none less than Democratic stalwart James Carville blames recent GOP victories on “stupid wokeness” and laments his party’s candidates having to toe the line or “get clobbered or canceled.”

Both election numbers and polling results show a significant shift in Hispanic voters choosing the GOP and disavowing the left’s patronizing and radicalism. Black Americans also see the inherent fallacies of woke progressivism that seeks to destroy the only system capable of correcting past wrongs.