Man Arrested For Attack On American Tourists In Germany

An American man was arrested after allegedly shoving two other American citizens down a slope near a German castle this week. One of the women died from her injuries.

The attack occurred near the Marienbruecke Bridge, which overlooks the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, which served as an inspiration for Disney World. The castle, situated near the border with Austria, is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions.

According to German authorities, the reported attacker attempted to leave the scene but was then apprehended. Video following the deadly incident captured a man wearing a baseball cap in handcuffs.

The attacker was described by police as not saying “a single word” and simply having “walked with the police and that was it.”

The man was described as an American tourist who was held due to an investigation into the incident. German authorities are currently weighing murder and attempted murder charges. 

The surviving victim harmed in the attack remains in the hospital.

None of the individuals have been publicly identified.

According to the Associated Press, the attacker allegedly lured two women into an isolated spot prior to pushing them down a ravine.

According to police, one of the two women was initially attacked by the suspect. When the other attempted to help her, she was choked and pushed down the slope. The alleged attacker then allegedly tried to harm the first victim prior to also pushing her down the ledge, causing her to fall more than 150 feet.

The surviving victim had to be rescued by helicopter, which was described by a German official as coming “mere feet above the tree line at the top of the hill.”

German police said that the rescue was “very, very difficult” due to the cliff faces and “because the helicopter came mere feet above the tree line at the top of the hill.” 

The police representative said that he was “absolutely stunned someone is still alive from this. It is likely falling from the top of an absolute cliff.”