Manchin Says Trump Has Good Shot Of Victory

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said that former President Donald Trump had a strong chance of victory last week as the former president drew tens of thousands of people to a weekend rally in traditionally blue New Jersey. The comments also came as the former president received positive news from a series of polls, both nationwide and for individual swing states.

Manchin said during a weekend press interview that Trump appealed to “pragmatic, hard-working people.”

“They don’t want government jumping on your back, telling you what to do and making it harder for you. They believe in freedom and democracy,” Manchin said.

“They believe in all of that. They believe in giving a helping hand, but they believe you ought to get off your butt and do something sometimes,” he added.

The senator said that he warned Biden to be “careful.” Manchin also said that people are “starting to ask, ‘How much more can my country do for me?’ That’s not who we are. It’s not how we have the country we do, and it’s not what I’m willing to sit back and watch it be taken away.”

Manchin’s comments came as a Wall Street Journal poll from last month found Trump leading in six of the seven major swing states. Trump has received positive polling in the same states in other recent surveys.

Furthermore, the former president has also beaten Biden when voters were asked about each candidate’s ability to tackle important national issues. Trump now regularly leads on questions regarding the economy, inflation, crime and immigration.

Trump also leads on questions of physical and mental fitness.

Despite being in the same party, Manchin has so far declined to endorse Biden. He was reportedly considering a potential independent bid for the White House but ultimately decided against seeking either the presidency or another term in the Senate.

With Manchin’s retirement, the Senate seat will almost certainly go to the Republican candidate, marking the end of the Democratic Party’s major role in a state that it used to dominate.