Manchin Wants A “Reasonable Minded” Supreme Court Justice To Replace Breyer

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) will likely make or break the Supreme Court Justice nomination, but it depends on who President Joe Biden picks for the seat. The Supreme Court’s political leanings will remain conservative regardless of who replaces Justice Stephen Breyer, but there is still fear about the future.

It’s important to note that Manchin has never said he’s looking for a radical leftist judge to be nominated.

Manchin told West Virginia MetroNews, “Whoever he sends will have experience, and we’ll be able to judge them based on that. But, as far as philosophical convictions go, no, that will not prevent me from supporting someone.”

That’s a very middle-ground answer. The Build Back Better bill hasn’t even been voted on, and Manchin is already getting a lot of flak for saying he’s against the bill, so time will tell what Manchin’s actual opinion is on the Supreme Court Justice decision.

Manchin also said, “I’m looking forward to whoever that person is going to be, make sure that the rules of law are the Bible that they go by.”

That should be everyone’s view of the Supreme Court Justice nominees. Overly political courts are no longer fair courts regardless of which political side it pushes toward.

Manchin noted that what he’s looking for is “basically how they dispensed justice, their record, have they been outspoken, have they been fair, are they able to get along with the other eight justices.”

That simple comment tells you that the nominee must be reasonable and rational. The justices that are already in place aren’t radical to either party. The exception might be Sonia Sotomayor, who doesn’t seem to comprehend the Constitution of the United States. Otherwise, the Supreme Court has considered the rule of law and the constitution heavily in its overall decision-making.

It might sound crazy, but Manchin did say that it’s difficult for anyone to get more liberal than he is because there’s apparent support for Manchin from the Republican party, but this is how politics are supposed to work. When things get too far fringe on either side of the political aisle, you’re supposed to lean a little further to the other side to balance out the equation.

In all reality, there need to be strict term limits and age limits on the Supreme Court because once someone reaches a certain age, issues that affect a 20-year-old will have a vastly different effect on a 90-year-old. That sways decision-making in a dangerous direction with a lasting legislative footprint that’s not so easily removed.

Because of his cognitive decline and lack of dependability, Biden will find it challenging to push anyone through. The country’s future is on the line right now, and we need a reasonably-minded individual for the highest court in the land.