Maryland Republican Governor’s “Re-Fund The Police” Plan Supported By 88 Percent Of Black Voters

Polling reported this week by the Washington Free Beacon indicates that 88 percent of black Maryland voters favor the initiative to “re-fund the police” announced by the state’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan. Maryland Democratic politicians have called the plan “misguided” and “divisive.”

The polling also shows that 64 percent of black voters “strongly support” and 24 percent “somewhat support” the plan to provide “greatly increased funding” to police departments throughout Maryland. According to the poll, 89 percent of white voters and 74 percent of Hispanics support the proposal.

Democratic politicians in the state have been predictably less supportive. Maryland House Speaker Adrienne Jones claimed that the Governor is attempting to “politicize” public safety. She added that the proposal is “beneath him and the dignity of his office.” Democratic President of the Maryland Senate Bill Ferguson said the proposal is “divisive rhetoric” and would not help make any communities safer.

Hogan also announced this week that he plans to introduce two bills at the state’s upcoming special legislative session to fight violent crime in Baltimore. The Governor said that the state must act in the face of almost daily shootings in the state’s largest city. He added that he wanted crime victims and their families to know that the state government “will not stop pursuing those criminals,” terrorizing Maryland communities.

He also announced an audit of state funds provided to the office of Baltimore’s chief prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, who is one of many progressive prosecuting attorneys with ties to billionaire George Soros to have been elected in recent years. Homicides in Baltimore have rapidly increased since she took office in 2015. She is now expected to provide complete information about cases that she decides not to prosecute or face loss of state funding.

Hogan said that Baltimore needs a “prosecutor who will prosecute violent criminals. Mosby responded by calling the governor’s proposals a “political stunt with no basis whatsoever.”

The Violent Firearms Offender Act, one of the Governor’s proposed bills, increases the criminal penalties for the illegal use or possession of firearms. He is also expected to introduce the Judicial Transparency Act, which will order Maryland’s criminal sentencing commission to “track and publish” complete information on the sentence given to violent offenders.

Polling indicates more than 80 percent support for both proposed laws. Despite the widespread support for the bills, state Democrats blocked both in the last two legislative sessions.