McAuliffe Was Recently Caught Directing Hispanics To Vote Democrat

Being the douchebag, Terry McAuliffe told his Hispanic volunteers that they should have more children to boost Democrat numbers.  

“Ten and a half percent is very significant. Now, let me give you some advice, get yourself to 11 relatively quickly,” and noted that he loved to see all the kids there. It’s an insult that McAuliffe would suggest his supporters procreate just for voters.  

There are jokes about how quickly Hispanics have families and their large numbers. McAuliffe is preying on a stereotype that all Hispanics are the same, and his voters let him by with it.  

This type of racial rhetoric placed President Joe Biden in the White House for some reason. Biden told Black Americans that if they didn’t vote for him, they weren’t Black and many other racially motivated statements, and still, Americans voted for him.  

The other assumption that McAuliffe made was that Hispanic voters favor Democrats. Though there’s been a history of Hispanic Democrat voters, former President Donald Trump got a large percentage of the Hispanic vote. Trump got 38% of the Hispanic vote in 2020, up from 28% in 2016.

McAuliffe’s campaign ran ads across Hispanic platforms, and only the election will show the diversity in voters in the Governor Gubernatorial race. It’s not a bad campaign tactic, but it’s discouraging that McAuliffe would tell Hispanics to have more babies to get more voters. What purpose does that even serve? McAuliffe is running right now, not later.  

Though McAuliffe’s comments were racist, it serves an interesting purpose. McAuliffe is pro-life. His comments about having more babies are against the abortion argument. More Democrats should follow his lead and suggest their supporters have babies to get more Democrat voters. Maybe, then, we can all have a pro-life conversation together. Then, would Republicans be pro-choice? Probably not, but it’s an interesting conversation to have.