Mega-Donor Tells Media Biden’s Plan is ‘Malarky’


Following this week’s presidential debate, Hollywood Democratic megadonor Ari Emanuel lashed out at President Biden, saying, “We’re in a f— city,” as he and other contributors continued to maneuver their party into chaos.


During his Friday appearance at the Aspen Institute’s Ideas Festival, which took place the day after Biden stunned the country with his lackluster debate performance, Emanuel was questioned about Democrats “jumping out of the window.”


“Well, the Founding Fathers have my ire. Their start date was set at 35. Simply put, they withheld the deadline from us,” Emanuel remarked.


“This is what Biden did: He said that he would seek office for a single term with the goal of reestablishing democracy. He is presently vying for reelection. As he would say, the first bit of malarkey,” Emanuel said.

“Then he says it’s a quintessential thought about saving democracy and so important,” the powerful Hollywood agent went on. For more than a year, his colleagues had informed us of his good health. And I believe that two weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal published a piece about how, while my father passed away at the age of 92, I had taken away his automobile when he was 81. For me, it’s a rather straightforward exam. Would you want Biden to drive at night to get to Malibu from downtown Beverly Hills? Would Trump do it at night, in your opinion? Or neither.”


“If it’s neither, you cannot have them running a $27 trillion-dollar company called the United States,” Emanuel said, drawing cheers from the left-leaning crowd.


The powerful man in talent agencies declared that Joe Biden “is not the candidate anymore” and hinted that his campaign would fail because large sums of money were “drying up.”


“The lifeblood of a campaign in politics, the lifeblood is money,” Emanuel stated. “And with astute attorneys looking at it, the only way this gets resolved could be if the funding starts to dry up. And I’ve spoken with—well, I suppose you’ve all received a ton of calls. I’ve had a number of calls. Everyone has sat there. However, if this is, as Biden claims, the struggle for our democracy, then buddy, you just handed us a lot of bullshit, and I’m very mad at you. We ought to all be furious.”


“If the funding is received, polling will take place in the upcoming weeks. Many large contributors with whom I have spoken are shifting their whole financial holdings to the Senate and Congress. Later on, Emanuel remarked, “I mean, I can’t believe we’re in this situation.” Now, it’s a legal matter. You’re not in the position where you can say, “I’m going to resign,” unless the attorneys advise you otherwise, and there may be some leeway. I’m not a lawyer, and I haven’t seen it..”


Wide segments of the left media are screaming at Biden to drop out of the presidential contest in response to his startling debate performance, which has caused a political earthquake.