Melania Trump Has Some Thoughts on America’s Baby Formula Shortages

Baby formula shortages remain a pressing threat to the well-being of babies across the United States. Parents have gone viral with stories of driving for hours on end in the hopes of finding just one container of formula.

Other parents report trying to give their babies generic formula when they could find it. However, this does not always work. Many babies rely on specific types of formula and can even get sick if they’re fed generic formula as a substitute.

Lack of access to baby formula is far from the only crisis happening on the watch of the Biden administration. Inflation, high gas prices, and recession warnings are also present in the lives of the American people.

Given the seriousness of baby formula shortages, however, former first lady Melania Trump has weighed in with her thoughts.

Trump on the Lack of Access to Baby Formula
The former first lady recently spoke with Fox & Friends Weekend about this crisis gripping the United States. Trump noted that it’s appalling for families to go without this critical food source in the 21st century.

She would later go on to point out that many Americans are struggling under the leadership of the current administration. Trump stated she hopes what’s happening in the country changes and that it’s very sad for people who are having a hard time.

Many parents can agree with Trump that the current leadership in the White House is a huge reason why formula is missing for American babies.

Baby Formula on the Southern Border?
As families nationwide struggle to feed their infants, the Biden administration has been sending baby formula down to the southern border.

The White House claims that sending baby formula to the southern border is “morally right.” However, there is still no clear path to American families having restored access to baby formula as well.

Republican officials have repeatedly slammed the White House for the lack of access to baby formula, especially with news that it’s going to the southern border. Later this month, Congress is set to hold a hearing on the shortage and presumably what can be done to fix it.

One factor in the baby formula shortage has been hold-ups with the US supply chain. This, too, is another issue that the White House has faced repeated calls to fix.

As all of this plays out, however, Joe Biden is gathering with his inner circle to discuss re-election plans and ordering his employees to enter into campaign mode.