Melania Trump Pushes Back Against Fake News

The mainstream media has been consistently giving former President Trump and his family have been villainized in the media since the moment he came down the escalator of Trump Tower.

The establishment continues to be threatened by Trump and the America First movement, therefore explaining their vendetta against the former president’s supporters.

However, as of late, former first lady Melania Trump found herself on the receiving end of targeted fake news designed to hurt her reputation.

This has been largely driven by Stephanie Wolkoff, a former aide who worked for Trump, yet secretly taped their conversations and released edited clips of the tapes to the media.

Now, the former first lady is setting the record straight.

The Truth About Edited Recordings of Melania Trump
When Wolkoff publicized edited clips of Trump speaking, she did so to create the appearance that the former first lady didn’t care about separated families at the southern border or about Christmas.

Naturally, the media ran with this story, therefore prompting a statement from Trump. Trump’s statement slams Wolkoff as a dishonest aide who was fired for not doing her job very well.

To set the record straight on the recordings, the former first lady explained that her talking points of wanting to unite migrant families were removed by Wolkoff before other clips were leaked to the media.

Likewise, Trump explained that she and those closest to her have always valued Christmas.

Before Trump’s statement concluded, she warned the public that Wolkoff leaked edited versions of their conversations for “malicious” reasons and also ran into trouble for breaching White House confidentiality agreements.

Ongoing Attacks From Wolkoff
Even after writing a book about her time knowing the former first lady and leaking their conversations to the press, Wolkoff isn’t backing down.

Just about every single tweet she posts is directed toward the Trump family and notably Melania. This just goes to prove the former first lady’s warning that Wolkoff is untrustworthy and intentionally adversarial.

Unfortunately, there are many people (like this former White House aide) who are all too eager to target the Trump family. Setting the record straight, as Melania Trump did, will continue to be the best defense against those who knowingly spread lies and fake news.