Michael Moore Pushing For Repeal of Second Amendment

For years, gun rights supporters have warned the endgame of the gun control lobby is to completely eradicate gun ownership.

On occasion, members of the gun control community will deny this. They often claim that gun control is merely about common-sense legislation to save lives and keep firearms away from mentally unstable individuals.

However, every now and then, someone within the gun control movement says the quiet part out loud. This is especially seen in gun control supporters being in favor of mandatory buyback programs.

Now, left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore is spelling out just how far he wants to take gun control.

A 28th Amendment to the Constitution?
Over the weekend, Moore came out in favor of adding a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The kicker, however, is this addition would completely repeal the Second Amendment.

Moore’s 28th Amendment would also have certain firearms banned and require Americans to jump through all sorts of tests, screenings, interviews, and other hoops to access a gun.

Under the 28th Amendment proposed by Moore, law enforcement officers would also be subject to losing their firearms if found guilty of misconduct.

The list goes on and on, but the intention of what Moore’s proposing is very clear. Gutting the Second Amendment would destroy every US citizen’s right to bear arms and defend themselves.

In an alternate universe with no Second Amendment, governments at various levels would then be able to swoop in and essentially ban gun ownership. These bans could be outright or they could occur through various backdoor measures.

Negative Responses From the General Public
Moore’s call for a 28th Amendment to gut gun ownership rights has not been widely well-received by any means.

Over the weekend, critics slammed Moore for seeking to alter the Constitution in a way that would strip Americans of their right to self-defense.

The 28th Amendment was likewise panned for including measures that would only disarm lawful citizens, without taking any real aim at criminals who obtain guns illegally.

Others cheekily suggested the 28th Amendment should include nothing more than an affirmation of the Second Amendment.

No prominent gun control groups have come out to condemn Moore’s call for ending the Second Amendment. However, the filmmaker’s advocacy for the 28th Amendment comes amid attacks against law enforcement and rising crime that targets the law-abiding.