Mike Carey Wins Ohio House Primary With Trump Support

In a special election on August 3, Mike Carey beat out a crowded field to secure the Republican nomination for the open House seat in Ohio’s 15th congressional district, including suburban areas of Columbus and Cincinnati.

Carey’s win reinforced President Donald Trump’s position as a GOP kingmaker and the party’s leader. Trump endorsed Carey, who won the 11-way race with 37 percent of the vote.

The coal lobbyist is a political newcomer who defeated a slate of Republicans with establishment backing and political experience. Carey will now take on Democratic state representative Allison Russo, who is a health policy consultant.

On November 2, a special election will be held. The election will replace the vacancy caused by Republican Steve Stivers’ announcement in April that he would step down in May to accept the position of President and CEO of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. Except for one election in 2008, the district has elected a Republican to the House in every election since 1966.

Carey’s win is seen as a blow to Stivers, who endorsed and campaigned for state representative Jeff LaRe, a former law enforcement agent and security executive. LaRe finished with 13.3 percent of the vote. Stivers has now pledged to support Carey in the special election.

Trump made an announcement on Tuesday evening congratulating Carey and thanking the voters for giving him the nod. He endorsed Carey in early June, after which Carey immediately rose to the top of the polling.

Trump said that Carey would be a strong fighter for the people of Ohio and the state’s economy. He also touted Carey’s position on border security and crime. Trump also cited Carey’s military service and support of the Second Amendment in making his endorsement.

Trump won the vote in the 15th district over Joe Biden by 14 points in 2020.

All of the candidates campaigned as conservatives, and Carey’s main rivals had more legislative experience than he has.