Mitch McConnell In Trouble Following Disappointing Midterms

Much of the conservative movement is reeling after disappointing midterm elections. Despite the hype, there was no national red wave. The closest Republicans came to a red wave was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) sweeping their Democratic opponents and cruising to victory.

Unfortunately, other Republicans in races across America were not as fortunate. For starters, Democrats will retain their majority in the Senate. The House of Representatives seems likely to go to Republicans. Although this has yet to be confirmed because many House races remain uncalled.

As the GOP reflects and regroups, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is taking a lot of heat. Many in the conservative movement believe the time has come for McConnell to step aside.

Not a Good Look
Nationwide, GOP senators are making the case that their party needs a new leader in the upper chamber. Some are specifically warning that McConnell has been in the Senate for decades longer than he should have been.

For what it is worth, the Senate Minority Leader has a role in Republicans failing to take the Senate. Had McConnell poured more money into Arizona Republican Blake Masters’ campaign, Masters might have won this race, therefore handing a +1 to the GOP.

However, after the Arizona Republican came out and announced that he would not back McConnell as the chamber’s leader, the latter pulled his funding. Many GOP members are calling this out, with McConnell being accused of prioritizing his own power over the party’s best interests.

All in all, most conservatives just do not trust the Senate Minority Leader to fight for the values and interests of Americans. Many believe that McConnell would happily undercut the GOP and the American people if it meant him coming out on top.

A Tough Two Years
With Democrats keeping control of the Senate, the next two years are not going to be easy. If Republicans take back the House of Representatives as expected, this will at least break the current left-wing power monopoly in the federal government.

Thus far, McConnell is keeping his powder dry and not issuing any serious responses to the criticism he is facing. Ultimately, the Senate Minority Leader just does not seem to care about so many of his own party members viewing him as unfit for office.