Moscow Struck By Drone Attack

Russian citizens were woken up by a drone attack on the country’s capital Moscow earlier this week. While the origin of the drones is still unclear, they followed a series of Russian drone attacks on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv over the last two weeks.

The Russian government called the drone strikes a “terrorist attack.”

The incident involved eight drones in the capital. Russia claims to have disabled or shot down all of the drones by either antiaircraft fire or through jamming. The event caused minor damage to several buildings in Moscow.

The scale of the attack made the attack and its aftereffects noticeable to ordinary Muscovites.

The recent attack bears similarities to a drone attack on the seat of the Russian government, the Kremlin. This attack took place last month in Moscow and featured a drone that exploded near a dome on top of the building.

Russia claimed that the attack was meant to kill President Vladimir Putin.

The attack left no people injured. American intelligence recently stated that it believes Ukraine was behind the Kremlin drone attack, as reported by the New York Times

The Ukrainian government denied any role in the incident. 

Not every former American intelligence official believes that Ukraine was behind the Kremlin attack. Rebekah Koffler, a former official with the Defense Intelligence Agency told Fox News that she believed that the event, as well as an attack on the Nord Stream Pipeline “was a false flag operation orchestrated by Putin’s regime.” 

She said that Ukraine was unable to carry out such an operation “without external assistance.”

The events in Moscow also come a week after another attack within Russian borders. A number of soldiers claiming to be Russian dissidents entered into province of Belgorod and briefly seized several towns.

Last week the Pentagon asked Ukraine not to use American-made weapons for operations within Russian territory. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley referred to images on social media that appeared to show American-made vehicles being used in the Belgorod raid.