Most Americans Agree Women’s Sports Should Be Protected

For quite some time now, debates about biological males who identify as women playing in women’s sports have been underway.

Supporters of this argue that it’s only fair for transgender women to play alongside biological women. Opponents note the documented biological differences between males and females, regardless of how individuals choose to identify.

Trans activists, nevertheless, continue pushing for biological males to have a place in women’s sports. Meanwhile, a new poll shows that most Americans oppose this.

The Latest From the American Public
This past Tuesday, the Washington Post-University of Maryland survey came out regarding where Americans stand on biological men playing in women’s sports. The data is staggering, to say the least.

55% of US citizens agree that biological males should not play in female sports in high school. Meanwhile, 49% of Americans hold the view that biological males should not be able to participate in girls’ youth sports, either.

At the same time, 68% of people believe biological males have physical advantages over biological females, regardless of how the former chooses to identify. This view is not just widespread, but also backed by science itself.

As it turns out, biological males have more muscle density and stronger bones than women. Even when biological males take estrogen hormones or undergo certain surgeries to present as female, their innate physical advantages still exist.

Protecting Women’s Sports
Despite the scientific, biological, and physical advantages that males have over females, Democrats are largely pushing for men to have a place in women’s sports. Women who oppose this are often accused of being “transphobic” or otherwise problematic by far-left activists.

Republicans, on the other hand, are working day and night to protect women’s sports in the United States. This is why GOP governors and state legislatures have passed bills that ensure only biological females play in women’s and girls’ sports.

This latest poll from the Washington Post-University of Maryland speaks volumes. It is a testament that most people are able to recognize truth and science when it comes to fairness in women’s sports.

At the end of the day, trans activists and others who keep railing against this will continue to face opposition from the majority.