Most Americans Favor Migrants Being Transported To Sanctuary Cities

Since Republican governors began giving migrants free transportation to sanctuary cities, Democrats have been beside themselves. They’re calling GOP governors everything from kidnappers to human traffickers.

Unfortunately, Democrats didn’t show any of this anger when Joe Biden decided he wanted to give illegal immigrants a lift to mostly GOP cities. In fact, Democrats didn’t say a word when the president had these folks moved to various communities in the dead of night.

However, polling has come out on decisions to have migrants dispatched into sanctuary cities. The polls do not support the narrative Democrats are pushing.

A Reality Check For the Left
According to the Texas Politics Project, 52% of the state’s residents favor Abbott having illegal immigrants moved to sanctuary cities. After all, these communities are led by leaders who’ve repeatedly said they’re more than happy to take migrants in, regardless of their legal status.

Texas, on the other hand, doesn’t have the bandwidth to do this, amid thousands upon thousands of migrants coming over the border. Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has not minced words, stating that he’ll continue giving migrants rides to sanctuary cities until the southern border is secure.

The Texas governor has also been calling out the hypocrisy of sanctuary city leaders. These folks claim they’re welcoming to all people. Yet, when Abbott gave them the opportunity to live up to this, these officials changed their tune.

Democrats have been having migrants shipped out of their sanctuary cities and into GOP communities. In Washington DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) has made several appeals to the federal government to assist her with managing the migrants coming into her city.

In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams (D) openly complained about the impact that immigrants will have on resources in his community.

Massive Freakouts From Democrats
The Democrat Party continued to double down on false narratives about migrants being transported to sanctuary cities.

Recently, California Gov. Gavin Newsom traveled to Texas where he accused his counterparts in the state and in Florida of being “cruel” and lacking “honor.”

Newsom didn’t have any comment on the policies of the Biden administration that have encouraged migrants to make dangerous journeys across the border. Many of these journeys put migrants in the paths of actual human traffickers or lead to them dying along the way.

On these matters, the California governor also remains silent.