Most Americans Feel Less Safe Than They Were Years Ago

When Joe Biden ran for office, his entire schtick rested upon “building back better.” Biden said he’d not only revive the soul of the country, but also be a unifying leader who works for everyone, not just those who voted for him.

These promises haven’t aged well, nor has Biden lived up to them. In fact, many aspects of American life are objectively worse since the current president got into the White House.

The southern border has much higher rates of human trafficking, drug trafficking, and illegal crossings than it did when the Trump administration controlled the White House. Meanwhile, the economy is a shell of its former self, as is public safety.

Now, new polling confirms most people feel more endangered than they did in prior years.

Chilling Data From Trafalgar Group
A brand new poll by Trafalgar Group reveals almost 68% of folks who will likely cast ballots in November’s general election felt safer two years ago than they do today. Meanwhile, barely over 27% said their feelings of safety mirror those from two years ago.

More information from Trafalgar Group reveals the deep unpopularity of soft-on-crime policies. It turns out more than 95% of folks expected to vote in November are less likely to vote for a candidate who permits violent criminals to be spared from legal consequences.

This transcends partisanship, as proven by left-wing, pro-crime district attorneys coming under fire in Democratic strongholds like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

This new poll follows other surveys showing a large majority of Americans don’t believe the country is on the right track.

What Brought Us to This Point?
It’s no coincidence that most Americans feel unsafe these days. The data from Trafalgar Group is the end result of defunding the police, opening the southern border, and removing bail requirements from criminals.

Democrats repeatedly claimed voting them into office would bring “the adults” back in the room. Unfortunately, “the adults” in the White House and in Congress have continued to approve one bill after the next that brings America closer to total destruction.

The Biden administration also directly enabled the lack of safety Americans feel by taking meetings with advocates of defunding the police.

In order for Americans to begin feeling safe again, a change in leadership is a must. The first step comes in November and requires voting Republicans back into the House and Senate majorities.