Musk Hits Biden College Speech About ‘White Supremacy’

Twitter owner Elon Musk issued a short but clear criticism of President Joe Biden last week. The social media owner targeted the president’s recent remarks at Howard University, a traditionally Black college in Biden declared that “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is White supremacy.”

Musk responded to a clip of Biden’s speech. 

“Oh the irony is too much,” he wrote, with two emojis next to it.

This is not the first time that the Tesla founder has found himself in disagreement with the president. Musk received considerable attention after he announced plans to purchase Twitter last year.

The billionaire has since received considerable praise from conservatives for reinstating a number of accounts that the previous Twitter leadership suspended. This included the account of former President Donald Trump.

In addition, Musk has shown considerable political independence. This included a high-profile interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. 

Musk was one of the last interviews that the host aired during his tenure at Fox. Musk said that Twitter was “working better than ever” during the sit-down.

“If you’re not trying to run some sort of glorified activist organization and you don’t care that much about censorship, then you can really let go of a lot of people, turns out,” Musk said.

The Twitter owner also welcomed Carlson’s new show, which would be aired on Twitter.

While Musk made clear that the social media platform and the popular host did not sign a formal agreement, he said that on Twitter, “unlike the one-way street of broadcast, people are able to interact, critique and refute whatever is said.”

Since acquiring Twitter last year, Musk released a number of internal documents from the former Twitter team that appear to show significant collusion with left-wing causes. The “Twitter Files” received significant attention, especially in conservative media. 

The efforts of journalist Matt Taibbi were featured on Carlson’s show and included evidence that Twitter actively suppressed the story regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop and that it ‘shadowbanned’ a number of conservative accounts.