Nancy Pelosi Believes The Filibuster Would Have Made George Washington And Thomas Jefferson Cry

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi shows her crazy yet again during her speech about the voting rights bill, conveniently placed in H.R. 5746, the NASA leasing bill. Pelosi and the left are doing their best to destroy the foundation of the United States to make way for their vision of what America should be without the input of Americans.

“Nothing less is at stake than our democracy” will be Pelosi’s political career’s dying words. The overplayed January 6 Capitol Riot has turned into a one-year free-for-all attack against anyone the Democrat party disagrees with.

Pelosi also tries to claim that Republicans are trying to suppress voters with security measures to ensure that citizens have confidence that their vote counts. Democrats should be in the same boat. There are corrupt Republicans out there that would love nothing more than to steal the election fraudulently, and if voting laws aren’t in place, it could very well happen.

She can talk about protecting our democracy all she wants to and how voter identification is a way for Republicans to stop people from voting. Still, it’s interesting that she has never once said that identification requirements for firearms are unconstitutional or discriminatory.

Pelosi said, “Having American citizens pay for underlying documents needed for an identification card and travel to distant motor vehicle locations for processing hinders and diminishes their right to vote.”

What if we replaced the “right to vote” with the “right to own a firearm”? The argument would be the same. The so-called discrimination would be the same as well. More harm is done with a ballot than is done with a firearm.

Pelosi also said that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would have “tears in their eyes” with the filibuster being used to stop the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. No, they wouldn’t. The founders of the United States understood that a majority rule wasn’t acceptable. The founders put separation of powers in place for that very reason.

Even President Joe Biden was a supporter of the filibuster. Biden spoke about the filibuster when Judge Samuel Alito was going to be confirmed to the United States Supreme Court and said that many people were “willing to do whatever they can to keep him off the court,” and Biden also added, “That would include a filibuster if need be.”

The only reason that killing the filibuster would be necessary is that Pelosi knows that what they’re doing with voting rights will destroy this country’s opportunity to have fair elections. The last two presidential elections had claims of voter fraud, yes, Hillary Clinton included, and removing security measures that would stop fraud isn’t the way into the future.

We can have COVID-19 vaccine passports, identification for firearms, identification to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but God forbid you to have someone show identification to vote. That would be discriminatory, you bigot.