Nancy Pelosi is Already Pushing for More Spending

When the federal government carelessly spends money recklessly, everyday Americans are the ones who pay the price — literally.

At this very moment, the public is footing the bill for careless government spending. This past Wednesday, the Federal Reserve was forced to raise interest rates as a strategy to beat back inflation. Meanwhile, some Americans are spending $7 per gallon on gas to fuel their vehicles.

The Democrat Party is very invested in making Americans believe inflation is just a consequence of Russian President Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine. Yet, the reality is that inflation began several months before the war in Europe.

Even as inflation brings the US economy to its knees, Democrats still haven’t learned the government cannot keep hastily spending money. This is why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is currently calling for COVID-19 spending packages, as reported by Twitchy.

What to Know About Pelosi’s Spending Objectives

During the House Speaker’s weekly press conference, she spoke at length about why the federal government must pass new spending bills.

By Pelosi’s own admission, she believes additional spending bills are necessary to “fight COVID.” Pelosi wants a grand total of $45 billion to fund the fourth round of COVID shots, along with COVID tests and vaccines.

Without any mention about inflation or the pickle that government spending has landed Americans in, Pelosi said “a bigger chunk” of money must be spent on fighting coronavirus.

Later, the Pelosi became agitated when she was questioned by the press about why proposals to fight COVID were left out of this year’s budget legislation. Pelosi responded to this question by diverting the topic to the crisis in Europe, noting that people in Ukraine are losing their lives.

Will Congress Approve More Spending?

Pelosi’s interest in getting another spending bill passed into law couldn’t be any clearer. However, the million-dollar question boils down to whether or not Congress is going to approve additional spending packages.

Back in December, Congress tried to pass the Build Back Better spending bill. But this attempt failed with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) joining all 50 Senate Republicans in voting against the legislation.

Like Republicans, Manchin cited inflation and the national debt as objections he has to more spending from the government. The senator also stated that he has never come across a situation where increased spending levels reduce prices.

GOP lawmakers have already been sounding the alarm on this fiscal irresponsibility. At this time, the signs indicate Republicans will not support more spending when inflation is going through the roof.

If Manchin joins Republicans in opposing Pelosi’s spending bill, it will likely be defeated in the Senate.