Nancy Pelosi Reportedly Planning to Delegitimize Midterms

Things are not going well for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) at this time.

Earlier this week, news broke that Pelosi is keeping a list of 55 House Democrats who have declined to pay their dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Many of these lawmakers are actually leaving the House of Representatives for either retirement or different positions in public office. This truly decreases the chances of the DCCC getting the money owed to them.

On top of this, Pelosi is very much aware that Democrats are heading towards assured destruction in the midterms. This is why one Republican lawmaker warns that Pelosi has a final few tricks up her sleeve, according to Newsmax.

What Every American Must Know About Pelosi

The House Speaker has no intention of quietly riding off into the sunset after her party is defeated in the midterms.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently spoke with Fox News and he explained that Pelosi’s latest plan involves de-legitimizing the 2022 elections altogether. Once Republicans defeat Democrats and take back control of Congress, Pelosi will undoubtedly claim the midterms were “stolen.”

Believe it or not, Cruz’s remarks are in keeping with recent statements from Pelosi herself. Earlier in March, the House Speaker declared that America’s “democracy” will be in peril if the Republican Party takes back control of Congress.

When Democrats speak about democracy, they don’t mean real and true democracy. “Democracy” to Democrats is a system where they alone are calling the shots and railroading everyone else into falling in line.

Ironically, what Democrats view as “democracy” is actually the polar opposite.

Finally, Cruz told Fox News that the failures of left-wing policies are continuing to assure that Democrats don’t keep their congressional majorities after November.

Flashback to Biden’s Comments on the Midterms

Months ago, the president laid the groundwork for Pelosi and other Democrats to delegitimize the midterms later this year.

Biden did this when he stated that the fairness of November’s elections will depend upon whether or not Democrats were able to get their so-called “voting rights” bills passed into law.

As most Americans know, Democrats’ hyper-partisan “voting rights” bills failed, due to lacking the necessary votes to overcome the Senate filibuster.

If (or rather when) Republicans take back Congress in November, Americans need to be prepared for Democrats to whip out one excuse after the next. Thankfully, with Congress back in the hands of the GOP, the president will be very limited in the damage he can inflict upon the United States.