Nancy Pelosi Attempt And Offer The World On How Pleased Of Biden Americans Are

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can be delusional with her support and who she speaks about. She’s often wrong and lies. Pelosi shouldn’t continue to hold her position as a trusted political figure with the lack of truth she speaks. 

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Pelosi said, “We’re proud of our president. He was one of the first people in Congress in 1986 to introduce legislation to address the climate crisis. He takes great pride in that. He’s worked on it ever since.” 

The bill was initially rejected and only taken up a year later by former President Ronald Reagan. 

It’s fascinating that President Joe Biden has been in politics that long and that since then, there’s not much that he’s done other than the crime bill in the early 90s, and if climate change was such a prominent issue in the 80s, then why hasn’t anything been done about it since then? Biden dismissed the idea and moved on after. 

Biden says that drilling for oil and the petroleum industry isn’t dead and needs more exploration. If both Biden and Pelosi would stop for a minute and realize that outsourcing oil production will hurt the environment more than help it, the entire world would be better. U.S. standards for oil drilling and fracking are much higher than that of other countries and will lead to climate control charges if they stop relying on overseas sources. 

Former President Donald Trump was well on his way to making the U.S. oil independent, which drove the gas price down and kept it down for Trump’s entire presidency. Gas prices didn’t start to rise until Biden took over.