NARA Records Show Biden Administration’s Role In Trump Raid

New information is being released regarding the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in 2022.

According to America First Legal (AFL), a judicial nonprofit, an investigation of the FBI’s raid confirmed that the bureau had access to records from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) through a “special access request” made by the Biden administration on behalf of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“On August 8, 2022, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted an unprecedented raid of Mar-a-Lago on the ground that potentially classified records existed there. According to press reports, Biden Administration aides were “stunned” to hear of this development,” AFL explained in a press release.

“However, new NARA records obtained through America First Legal’s investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Mar-a-Lago raid further confirmed that the FBI obtained access to these records through a ‘special access request’ from the Biden White House on behalf of the Department of Justice (DOJ),” AFL added.

AFL proved that the White House “set up” Trump, saying that the National Archives misled Congress about the White House’s role in the raid. It cited that on Aug. 16, 2022, Acting Archivist Debra Wall told Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) that NARA “had not been involved in the DOJ investigation or any searches that it has conducted.”

The judicial organization explained that “this stunning revelation” suggests that NARA misled Congress about the White House’s role in the raid of Trump’s home, arguing that the Biden administration’s actions “on behalf” of the DOJ raise legal concerns.

“The special access statute authorizes special access requests to an incumbent president only when the records in question are needed for ‘the conduct of current business’ of the White House. Providing documents to the DOJ for purposes of a criminal investigation is not the ‘current business’ of the White House,” AFL added.

AFL is demanding NARA disclose all records concerning the Biden administration’s role in the politically motivated raid of Trump’s home.

“The evidence suggests that the ostensibly nonpartisan National Archives and Records Administration misled Congress about the Biden White House’s responsibility for the FBI’s raid of former President Trump’s home,” said Reed D. Rubinstein, AFL Senior Counselor and Director of Oversight and Investigations.

Rubenstein concluded that the evidence suggests the Biden White House and the DOJ “unlawfully” took advantage of their power and lied to the American people.