NASCAR Wavers On Brandon Brown’s Use Of “Let’s Go, Brandon” Sponsorship

“Let’s Go, Brandon!” was born as a viral catchphrase last year when NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast interviewed NASCAR driver Brandon Brown on the track at Talladega Superspeedway. She used the phrase to describe the chant coming from the crowd as a cheer for Brown, when in fact, it was pretty clear that the rowdy bunch was shouting “F Joe Biden!” Whether Stavast misheard the chant or was trying to deflect during the live interview, her interpretation of the chant took on a life of its own.

Brown initially said that he was concerned about sponsorships that involve the phrase because of its political nature. He eventually decided to take advantage of its popularity and entered an agreement with for the company to sponsor his Xfinity Series race team for the upcoming NASCAR season. The cryptocurrency company incorporated the LGB initials into its name, representing “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

Max Marucci works as Brown’s publicist and told reporters that NASCAR had approved the team’s paint scheme incorporating the LGB initials before publicly announcing the sponsorship.

NASCAR has since hedged on its written approval and now says it is still “reviewing” the logo and markings. The governing body had told reporters that Brown’s team “jumped the gun” when it announced the sponsorship.

It appears now that NASCAR received some negative comments from some source with “woke” connections that disapprove of the use of LGB on a series car. It is unclear whether the logo will be approved for use or not. Marucci said that he doesn’t know what happened, but the Brown team will try to work through the situation as best they can.

NASCAR President Steve Phelps has only said that he doesn’t want the organization to be connected to any political movements on the left or the right. However, the Bubba Wallace team was approved to use a “Black Lives Matter” logo on its car last season at Martinsville Speedway.