National Guard Could Help Alleviate Any Health Care Worker Shortages Caused By COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate In New York State

The cheapest labor around by the ones who risk their lives has got to be the military. Their constant complaints that they barely make minimum wage for all of their efforts and will put their lives on the line for those around them is a complete sacrifice for the United States.  

Now, this labor force will be forced to work in New York hospitals after the brand-new Governor Kathy Hochul said she would be activating a state of emergency to call in the National Guard. The pulpit politician is playing the game backward as she puts mandates in place that will turn 2020’s heroes into the enemy of the state.  

Hochul just began her run as governor, and it’s not turning out so hot. Her mandate for all hospital workers, who are 16% unvaccinated from Covid-19, will cause people to actually lose their lives. According to The Blaze, the 16% may sound like a small number, representing 72,00 people. Covid-19 infection death numbers are declining after a spike in cases begins to decline as well. The roller coaster that can be seen through data tracking is seen below: 

The common trend seems to be roughly 6-9 months when infections and deaths rise and fall. If history repeats itself, which it usually does, we’ll be back on track with low numbers until natural antibody or Covid-19 vaccine efficacy slows, and cases continue.  

Hochul wants to bring in retired, lapsed certified, and foreign medical staff as well. She plans to work with the federal government to expedite the VISA approval. What? She wants to bring in foreign medical workers who don’t have the same safety standards as we do in the United States to take care of sick and dying people? How is that better?  

All government areas are admitting that the Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t work as well as they anticipated. The fact that breakthrough cases are rising and more people refuse to get vaccinated causes them to show that they’re desperate. Of all the reported Covid-19 infections and death rates, you have a 1.6% chance of dying from Covid-19. Many people, including healthcare workers, aren’t comfortable taking a vaccine that isn’t even approved by the FDA and has some severe side effects. 

Hochul went as far as to get in the pulpit to sway Christians to get vaccinated and condemn unvaccinated Christians to get vaccinated. She asked for the churchgoers to be her “Apostles.” She may as well have said, “Take up your vaccine card and follow me.”  

She said that God gave us the Covid-19 vaccine and didn’t do that so people could refuse it. That’s a bit irreverent. God may have given people the ability to create it, but according to the bible, God’s all about freedom of choice, you know, “free will.” Hochul missed that verse while she was studying Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Study Bible. 

New York is failing. Let’s go ahead and say it. The Supreme Court is going to strike every bit of this down. Remember, you can’t mandate a medical product under the Emergency Use Authorization according to 21 U.S. Code 360bbb-3.