After handing over the withdrawal from Afghanistan to the Taliban, President Joe Biden refused to protect Americans as the United States military left Kabul, Afghanistan. The Biden administration had every opportunity to keep their presence in Kabul, but they chose not to. The Taliban took over Kabul, and everything went spiraling downward from there.

For months, Biden told the American people that Afghanistan was going well. Biden assured the world that the transition of the U.S. military to Afghan military control over Afghanistan would be a success and the Afghan military was fully capable and willing to fight for their country. Every word was a lie.

Biden did not have confidence in the strategies of U.S. forces. Still, while lying to the American people, he told Ashraf Ghani, the Afghan President, to build a perception that the Afghan military was capable and Afghanistan was safe.

The House Freedom Caucus attempts to hold Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and General Mark Milley accountable and call for their resignation. They should resign. Their inability to conduct military operations effectively led to the loss of U.S. military lives, proving that Afghanistan was an absolute disaster. Biden, Austin, and Milley have single-handedly lost the trust of world leaders and allies. Their actions armed the Taliban with American weapons used against the Afghan people and resistance fighters. The strategy they put in place freed ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Taliban prisoners from Bagram Air Force Base and inevitably led to multiple suicide bombings at the Kabul airport. They have spent several months focusing on “White Rage” and social dynamics rather than defending the United States against foreign and domestic threats. Their resignation should be the first step in the investigation for criminal charges that should follow.

Nancy Pelosi is ignoring the debacle and instead is focusing on voting and infrastructure. If Pelosi wanted to keep this country alive, she would call the House into session and impeach Biden or enact the 25th amendment. A personal theory is that Pelosi didn’t pass the 25th amendment because she wouldn’t be chosen as Kamala Harris’ Vice President and isn’t happy about it. No merit to the claim, but when former President Donald Trump was in office, she mentioned enacting the 25th amendment but has fallen silent with Biden in office. Then again, she has to focus on the January 6th riots so Republicans can be labeled “domestic terrorists” because 300 people stormed the Capitol.

Bi-partisan support for removing Biden from office is gaining traction, and Biden’s inability to lead with his cognitive decline is proving to be an enormous national security threat. Now is a better time than ever to show that the American people deserve a better leader than Biden and the military deserves better leaders than Austin and Milley. Suppose the military can discharge troops for refusing an experimental vaccine. In that case, the citizens should remove top military officials from their position over the failed departure from Afghanistan. Make it happen.