NBC News Fires Reporter Following Retracted Pelosi Story

The story surrounding the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, last month continues to be shrouded in mystery.

Americans, to this day, are still wondering how an unhinged, hammer-wielding assailant managed to enter the home of the person who is second in line to the presidency.

Then, there are real questions about how Pelosi’s attacker, David DePape, managed to do enough damage to Pelosi that left the latter needing a days-long stint in the hospital. Inquiring minds want to know where the Pelosis’ security personnel were as this transpired.

These questions have not been answered. However, weeks ago, an NBC News reporter released a story that said Paul Pelosi greeted emergency responders at his home and then further retreated inside, rather than trying to get away from DePape.

Such a report led to even more questions. Eventually, NBC News pulled the story down and then fired Micheal Almaguer, the reporter who released it.

Covering Their Tracks?
Almaguer’s firing comes with its own unanswered question. For one thing, NBC News has not released a public explanation for why they chose to let him go. When asked for comment, the network said via a spokesperson that “personnel matters” are not issues they openly speak about.

On top of this, Almaguer is also remaining quiet and not talking to the press about his firing. His profile with NBC, however, has apparently been scrubbed from the network’s website.

Before firing this reporter, NBC News claimed his story was not in keeping with the network’s “reporting standards.” Nevertheless, Almaguer’s report shed light on the story and provided possible new angles for getting to the bottom of the truth.

Already, many Americans believe the mainstream media is not being truthful about the Pelosi attack, the motivations behind it, or other relevant bits of information. Within the past two weeks, the mainstream attention directed to this story has also notably dried up.

More Behind the Scenes?
For NBC News to completely fire one of its own reporters given the circumstances — even after taking down the offending story — is raising a lot of red flags for many Americans.

NBC could easily help clear this up with a statement explaining why Almaguer was let go. The network’s refusal to do even this does not inspire trust in people who are already suspicious of mainstream narratives.

At the rate things are going, the general public may never get the full, honest truth about what really happened to Paul Pelosi.