NC Speaker Tim Moore Involved In Car Crash

On Thursday, Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives Tim Moore and state Representative David Willis, both Republicans, were involved in a car accident while returning to Raleigh from a series of events in Wilson. Both Moore and Willis were being driven by security when their vehicle was hit from behind multiple times.

According to a statement from Moore’s spokesperson, Demi Dowdy, no one in the car was injured in the incident. The State Highway Patrol responded to the scene.

After investigating the circumstances of the accident, Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman announced Friday morning that James Matthew Brogden, of Goldsboro, has been arrested for involvement in the accident and charged with several misdemeanors. These include driving while impaired, resisting a public officer, and causing damage to personal property, among others.

Brogden is currently undergoing the booking process at the Wake County Detention Center, Freeman confirmed.

Despite the frightening incident, both Moore and Willis escaped unscathed. The fact that no one was injured in the incident is a relief, and we can be thankful that both officials were able to return to Raleigh safely.

Tim Moore, who serves as a representative for Cleveland and Rutherford counties, is currently in his 11th term in the House. Recently, he was re-elected for a record-breaking fifth term as the Speaker of the House. David Willis is currently serving his second term as a representative for Union County.

Speaker Moore is a controversial figure in North Carolina politics. He has been involved in several contentious issues, such as redistricting, education policy, and abortion rights, which have sparked intense debate and opposition.

Moore has also been a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump and his policies. Moore’s views on issues such as immigration and gun rights have also drawn criticism and opposition from the left.

Moore has maintained support from many conservatives and Republicans in North Carolina over the years. His re-election as House Speaker multiple times demonstrates his ability to maintain support from his party and his constituents.