New App Aims for Armed Ride-sharing

A former private investigator hopes to expand protection by legal firearms through an app similar to popular ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. The new app, dubbed Black Wolf, was described as “Uber With Guns.”

The former investigator, Kerry King Brown told the local Atlanta press that the new app was a “necessary evil.” 

He said that the average person was the most likely to be robbed or raped. 

He said that this new app allows drivers that pass a background check and are trained in de-escalation to carry firearms while driving customers. 

The app developer said that its drivers would have to go through “detailed training” before being able to carry on the job. He said that the company “cannot just hire any and everybody.” 

The app appears to be successful so far, with at least 80,000 downloads. 

The app will cost $1.75 per mile and an additional $10 for an armed, rather than unarmed driver.

In addition, the expansion of firearms access among law-abiding citizens appears to be continuing beyond the new app.

A number of primarily Republican-dominated states have expanded the ability for citizens to purchase or carry firearms.

In March, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a bill into law allowing for permitless carry of concealed firearms. This concept, often called ‘Constitutional carry’ by supporters, has been passed by more than two-dozen states.

The same month, the North Carolina legislature overrode the veto of Gov. Roy Cooper (D) to allow for the permitless purchase of pistols.

Citizens can now purchase handguns from licensed firearms dealers and in private transactions after a federal background check.

A bill to allow for permitless carry is currently under consideration in Louisiana. 

The bill reads that any person “shall not be required to possess a valid concealed handgun permit issued by the state of Louisiana.”

The bill is headed to the state Senate for consideration. The state House is also considering a bill that would reduce fees for handgun permits.