New Book Claims MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Has Been Advising Vice President Kamala Harris

According to the book “This Will Not Pass”, Kamala Harris has been consulting MSNBC host Joe Scarborough regarding political matters. The New York Times reporters and authors of the book, Alex Burns and Johnathan Martin, share the views of fellow democrats regarding the vice president’s tenure.

The authors stated that by the end of the Biden Administration’s first year, Vice President Kamala Harris had been practically isolated in politics. Only a small number of Democrats believe she could be useful to the party in 2024 or after. The vice president is disappointed with her aides as she believes they are letting her down, which is also why her staff is constantly changing.

Burns and Martin wrote that after her approval ratings dropped, Harris started looking outside her close-knit circle for guidance by taking advice from Washington D.C. veterans like MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and the current ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emanuel.

Joe Scarborough is a former congressman who now hosts the MSNBC show “Morning Joe”. He is married to the co-host of the show, Mika Brzezinski. Scarborough helped Trump get elected but later on he stated that “history would be dark” for the children of Trump supporters.

The book, “This Will Not Pass” also talks about the lack of fondness Joe Biden and his advisors had for Harris. Neither the vice-presidential search committee nor Biden’s advisors saw her fit for her current role. Her overall achievements in her tenure so far are less, compared to her failures. As of late, she has taken a rather sidelined approach as she stays out of headlines.

Many people believe that since the elections, the original sentiments of the Democrats towards Harris have not really changed much. The authors also pointed out that the White House communications director, Kate Bedingfield, felt that there had been many instances in Harris’s career where she had fallen short. Bedingfield said her office is messy, and her political campaign is a debacle. She hinted that the real problem is the vice president herself, not her staff.