New Jan. 6 Footage Shows Sen. Hawley In New Light

The release of new footage from the Jan. 6, 2021 protests appears to undermine the last two years’ media narrative surrounding Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO).

The Missouri senator was one of the supporters of the protests near Capitol Hill regarding the outcome of the 2020 election that day. After some of the protesters entered the Capitol, the senator can be seen leaving.

Now, following the release of footage by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Hawley’s portrayal can be seen in a different light.

The footage of the Missouri senator briskly jogging out of the Capitol on that day has been used by a number of causes, especially those among the left wing. The footage was used in campaign commercials and featured in the Jan. 6 House Select Committee investigating the protests.

When the tape was played before the committee, members of the audience laughed. The portion of the tape shown had Hawley running alone, while the full footage shows more people leaving at the same time.

Since the release of the unedited footage, the portrayal of Hawley by the Jan. 6 committee has been described as “exceedingly dishonest.”

However, the context of the footage paints Hawley in a very different light. He was jogging in the building, but he was one of many other people doing the same.

The new footage seems to undermine the argument that the senator inspired the day’s events, then ran out when things became controversial.

Instead, according to the footage aired by Carlson, the senator appears to be acting in a manner consistent with those around him.

The latest release of footage may seriously impact the efforts by Democrats and some Republicans to paint the day’s events in a negative light. Indeed, former President Trump has already praised the release of the footage, as have many on the right.

“LET THE JANUARY 6 PRISONERS GO,” wrote the former President.

Hawley has not released a statement on the video yet and is focusing on a proposed bill to stop Chinese corporations from purchasing American farmland.