New Poll Finds Americans Describe Biden As ‘Weak’ Leader

A recent poll indicates that a large proportion of Americans describe President Joe Biden as a “weak” leader, while a majority rate former President Donald Trump as a “strong” one. The poll’s results come after a string of negative stories regarding the president’s family in what may be a key bellwether for the 2024 race.

The YouGov/Economist poll released this week found 54% of Americans describing Trump as a strong leader. This includes 32% who describe him as a “very strong” leader. 

However, Biden received considerably worse results. A majority, 60%, said that Biden was “weak,” including 42% who see the president as “very weak.” A minority of only 39% see Biden as a “strong” leader, with a small percentage of 14% describing him as “very strong.”

The positive news for the former president also includes 54% of independent voters giving him a positive leadership rating. 

Conversely, Biden received just 29% of independents who felt the same way about him. A large majority of independents, at 71%, view him as a weak leader.

The recent polling data regarding leadership is not the only bad news to face the president in recent weeks. A new Messenger/Harris poll found that Trump opened up a significant lead in a rematch against Biden.

According to the poll, Trump led the overall race with 46% to Biden’s 42%. Furthermore, Trump had a crucial lead among independent voters, garnering 42% compared to Biden’s 34%. 

Trump also led among the most reliable voting bloc, voters above the age of 65. A total of 53% of this cohort said that it would back the former president. 

In addition, a majority of voters, 66%, said that they did not desire Biden to seek another term. 

The president received a positive job approval rating from 41% of the public, while 53% disapproved of his performance.

The former president also led Biden by 5% in a recent Harvard/Harris poll. In addition, the same poll found that a majority of the public believes that Trump will secure the Republican presidential nomination, including 74% from within the GOP.