New Poll Shows Public Trust In Trump On Key Issues

Former President Donald Trump is more trusted on a number of key issues facing the country than President Joe Biden, according to a new poll. The new survey comes amid a number of recent statewide polls that show the former president with significant leads over his 2020 opponent.

A Morning Consult/Bloomberg poll released this week found that Biden is less trusted on ten major national issues.

American voters ranked the economy as their number one concern. In that category, 50% of voters would trust Trump as the country’s economic steward, as compared to 34% for Biden.

The second most important issue as ranked by voters is immigration, which Trump is more trusted on by a similar margin of 50% to 33%.

In addition, a number of other key concerns showed the American public leading Biden, including infrastructure, housing, crime, foreign policy, firearms policy and labor concerns.

The poll showed other negative news, as in both a direct match-up and in one including independent candidates, Biden trailed Trump.

In a head-to-head match, Trump would have 46% to Biden’s 42%.

In a race that included activist Robert F. Kennedy and Professor Cornel West as independent candidates, Trump is still in the lead. In this contest, the former president would get 40% of the vote compared to Biden’s 36%, Kennedy’s 11% and West’s 1%.

The same poll also found Trump with a significant lead in a number of swing states.

The former president led Biden in Georgia by a margin of 48-41% and in Arizona 46-42%. In Pennsylvania, Trump led Biden 47-44% and by the same margin in Nevada. In Wisconsin, Trump held a narrow lead with 47% to Biden’s 46%.

The former president holds a significant lead in North Carolina, with 48% to Biden’s 39% while in Michigan, both candidates are tied with 43%.

Furthermore, a recent CNN poll revealed that 51% of the public said that they would never vote for Biden, with 45% stating that they would vote for the president in 2024.

However, 49% said that they would vote for Trump and a lower percentage said that they would never pull the lever for the former president.