New Poll Shows Trump Leading In Swing States

Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in a number of crucial swing states, according to a recent poll. The new survey reflects a number of recent polls that show the former president with a lead over his 2020 opponent.

According to the recently-released Emerson poll, Trump is leading in a number of states that Biden won in the last election.

Trump currently leads Biden 43%-41% in Arizona, which Biden carried by a small margin three years ago.

Furthermore, in Georgia, where Biden eked out a small victory in 2020, Trump is now leading by seven points with 47% to Biden’s 40%.

In Michigan, which voted for Trump in 2016, Biden holds a narrow two-point lead, with 43% to Trump’s 41%.

In Nevada, which eluded Trump in the last two elections, Trump now leads with 46% over Biden’s 39%.

In the electoral vote-rich state of Pennsylvania, Trump leads with 46% while Biden tallies 43%.

Trump also carries a small lead in Wisconsin, receiving 44% with Biden polling at 43%.

The poll also showed that Trump received significant support among middle-aged voters, with those between 50-64 supporting Trump in particular. Among that age group, Trump received 52% of likely voters, while Biden received just 39%.

The pollsters also asked about the reasoning behind support for either candidate. Overall, 29% of voters said that they would support their candidate due to dislike for his opponent, while 24% said that they liked the candidate personally.

Trump has led in a number of other recent polls, with one national survey giving Trump 51% to Biden’s 48%.

The current RealClearPolitics polling average finds Trump with a more than 1% lead nationwide against Biden.

Biden has been trailing in most national polls since September.

In addition, the entry of independent candidates such as activist Cornel West and former Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. could also shape the race. In particular, polling which included Kennedy showed significant support, with some placing him above 10%.