New Poll Shows Trump With Large Lead Among Independents

Former President Donald Trump opened a large lead among independent voters over President Joe Biden according to a recent poll. Trump also leads the current president among registered voters ahead of the Republican primary season.

The new Harvard/Harris poll has Trump leading Biden among voters 45-40%. Furthermore, among independents, Trump established a significant 45-27% lead over Biden. The results will likely add fuel to the Trump 2024 campaign, which has heavily focused on the job performance of Biden.

The poll also showed a worse showing for Republicans by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) against Biden. If the race was between the two candidates, DeSantis would earn 41% to Biden’s 40%. 

Furthermore, should Trump face Vice President Kamala Harris in 2024, he leads the race 47-40%. DeSantis has a smaller lead, with 41% to Harris’ 39%.

Trump’s lead over the likely Democratic Party nominee is not the only piece of positive news for the former president in recent weeks.

Recent polls have shown Trump leading the Republican primary field by a large margin, including against DeSantis.

The same Harvard/Harris poll shows Trump with a 40% lead over DeSantis. Trump clocks in at 52%, an absolute majority. 

DeSantis finished second with 12% with businessman Vivek Ramaswamy not far behind with 10%. Former Vice President Mike Pence is the only other candidate with over 5%, entering into the poll with 7%. Other GOP candidates registered little support.

Trump currently holds a more than 30% advantage over his 2024 GOP opponents according to the RealClearPolitics polling average.

The former president earns more than 52% of the prospective voters, while DeSantis comes in with fewer than 20% of Republicans. Pence notched almost 6% while Ramaswamy earned more than 5%. Similar to the Harvard/Harris poll, none of the other GOP candidates cinched more than 5%.

While the state of the general election and primary season may shift heading into 2024, Trump has significant momentum among Republican voters and much of the general population.