New Records Reveal Shady Leftist Corruption

Time and time again, Democrats have shown they’ll do whatever they believe is necessary to secure power and take out the competition.

This is why the party continues to stoke hatred against Republicans and accuse them of being fascists. It’s why Democrats have called to pack the Supreme Court and otherwise fear-mongered about GOP candidates winning elections.

Now, yet another example of the lengths Democrats will go to secure power comes from new court records that pertain to action taken against former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R).

What the Court Records Show
In 2018, Greitens was indicted by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner. This indictment came following the accusation that the former governor texted a graphic photo to Katrina Sneed, a hairdresser he was having an affair with, with the intention of extorting her.

After the affair came out, Greitens eventually stepped down from office. Though in doing so, he also denied the claims of extortion against him.

The newly released court records now reveal that as Gardner went after Greitens, she did so with the backing of Greitens’ political opponents, the estranged husband of Sneed, and the head of a special interest group.

Court filings also show the alleged photo the former governor was said to have sent to Sneed for extortion purposes was likely non-existent.

Eventually, Gardner pulled back from her case after conceding a lack of evidence that Greitens sent said photo to Sneed or attempted to extort her. Later, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s conduct was found to be so egregious that it got her fined by the Missouri Supreme Court.

The Aftermath
Earlier this year, Greitens responded to the Missouri Supreme Court’s action on this case. The former governor warned that Gardner conspired against him, lied before the courts, and acted for her own political gain.

Though Greitens is vindicated in a court of law, it raises questions about what else could happen in future cases where Republicans are targeted.

Gardner did not act alone. Not only was she aided by those with an ax to grind against the former Missouri governor, but she likewise had the backing of liberal billionaire George Soros.

In the years since scandals surrounding Greitens, the country’s politics have gotten more divisive and vicious. What happened to Missouri’s former governor is highly unlikely to be just a one-off amid the struggle for power.