New Report Finds Excess Votes for Biden

An upcoming peer-reviewed study set for publication in Public Choice reports a statistical analysis showing there were at least 255,000 “excess votes” counted for Joe Biden in key battleground states in the 2020 election. The study indicates that the number of excess votes could be as high as 368,000.

Economist John Lott, Jr. conducted the study and provided a copy for review to RealClearPolitics. He found that Biden carried Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by a combined total of only 159,065. If Michigan is included the total goes to 313,253 votes.

Although the number of excess votes could tip every one of those tight state races in favor of Biden, Lott said the purpose of his study was not to contest the 2020 election but to expose issues that should be addressed in future contests.

Lott compared actual voter registration records, in-person vote totals, absentee votes and provisional ballots in several counties where voter fraud was suggested to have occurred. He compared the numbers from the suspicious counties with neighboring counties in order to evaluate the consistency of the results.

The analysis found major discrepancies that supported suspicion of fraud. Lott found huge differences in absentee voting results, many unexplained votes, bloated voter lists and illegal votes cast by felons.

As one example, Lott cited his finding that in Fulton County, Georgia, 2,423 votes were cast by persons not listed on the voter registration rolls, and 2,560 votes were cast by convicted felons who have not yet completed their sentences.

Lott found that the rate of voter turnout provides even stronger evidence that there were large numbers of “excess” Biden votes in the examined states. His statistical analysis led to estimates of excess votes in the examined counties — between 142,000 and 368,000. Even those numbers could be underestimated because the voter turnout analysis does not account for Trump ballots that were lost, destroyed or replaced with ballots indicating a vote for Biden — which may or may not have happened, but is alleged to have occurred.

The study did not include the significant amount of additional work that would be needed to conduct a precinct-by-precinct comparison.

While efforts by the Biden administration and the Democrats controlling Congress to nationalize all American elections have floundered for the time being, the results of the upcoming midterm elections will be critical to the restoration of election integrity going forward. Let’s hope Republicans can deliver.