New York City’s Former Mayor Now At Harvard University

Before New York City was run by Mayor Eric Adams (D), Bill de Blasio was in charge.

On de Blasio’s watch as mayor, New York City dealt with a series of crime issues that remain rampant to this day. During COVID-19, de Blasio also spearheaded the vaccine passport program, calling it the “Key to NYC Pass.”

De Blasio had no issue with segregating from society New Yorkers who weren’t comfortable with taking COVID-19 vaccines. Even after news broke that these vaccines wouldn’t be able to prevent virus spread or infection, the now-former New York City mayor maintained his support for these measures.

After leaving office, de Blasio tried to run for a seat in the House of Representatives. Following his eventual drop out of this race, the ex-mayor recently announced he’ll be a visiting fellow at the esteemed Harvard University.

A Closer Look at De Blasio’s Role at Harvard University
During this upcoming fall semester at Harvard, de Blasio will be sharing information about his time in office with university students.

In a statement, the former New York City mayor expressed his excitement to let Harvard’s students know that “progressive” and “bold” change” is possible to achieve. In de Blasio’s own words, he knows this because he’s “lived” through this change.

The news of de Blasio overseeing a leadership course at Harvard University comes amid growing scrutiny of higher education facilities.

Over the years, colleges and universities have been accused of pushing left-wing ideologies onto students and ostracizing those who have even remotely right-of-center political views.

Criticism of Harvard University and de Blasio
Many conservatives opined that de Blasio doesn’t serve to oversee a leadership course at one of the nation’s most prestigious universities after his oversight of New York City.

Paul Mauro, a former New York City police officer, told Fox News that when he first saw reports of de Blasio’s upcoming fellowship, he thought it was a “parody.”

Mauro then said that while Harvard University does have some very respectable professors and fellows, he doesn’t believe de Blasio will make the cut.

Finally, the former police officer said for Harvard to bring de Blasio on board is akin to employing a coach whose team ultimately lost a sports game.