New York Democrats Just Tried Pulling a Fast One With Redistricting

When it involves trying to avoid a loss in the November midterms, there is no trick Democrats won’t pull.

Already, they’ve been saying that if Congress doesn’t pass federal election takeover bills, then the midterm results might not be legitimate. On top of this, Democrats are claiming that GOP victories in the House and Senate will pose “a danger to [America’s] democracy.”

Democrats can sense themselves losing both power and support from the American public. They’re now getting more desperate and trying to keep their majorities in Congress.

This explains a new redistricting stunt pulled by Democrats; although, the move was a total failure, as documented by Red State.

Reviewing the Failed Districting Plan

In the hopes of holding onto more congressional power, New York Democrats tried to gerrymander their way into getting three new House seats. This plan was ultimately rejected; however, New York leftists didn’t leave it at that.

Instead, they submitted an emergency injunction in the hopes of using their gerrymandered redistricting plans. Democrats in the Empire State argued that the state’s primary election date of Tuesday, June 28 doesn’t give them enough time to make changes.

Meanwhile, left-wing Judge Lewis Kaplan didn’t see it this way. He not only called out New York Democrats for their Hail Mary stunt, but also literally laughed them out of court. In making his ruling, Kaplan cited the importance of elections that are both “rational” and “open.”

New York Democrats’ redistricting plans did not fall under either one of these umbrellas, especially given that a left-wing judge issued this verdict.

The Next Steps Forward

Since Democrats failed to get their way with their gerrymandering and Hail Mary appeal, they’ll have to come up with a different redistricting plan.

Seeing as Democrats insist the New York primary election is too soon to create a different layout, the state legislature could push back the date for this primary. However, there’s been no confirmation as to whether or not this will occur.

Right now, New York Democrats seem uncertain of what their next steps will be. It appears as though leftists in the state believed Judge Kaplan would grant them the outcome they wanted and expected.

In the meantime, Americans across the country need to be on guard for what Democrats will try to do next. With each passing day, the party becomes more frantic and scared of losing power in Congress.

Gerrymandering and spreading lies about the legitimacy of the midterms may only be the beginning of what leftists have planned.