New York Going From Bad to Worse

New York has a lot of problems. The deeply blue state is facing such high crime rates that multiple businesses have closed their doors and taken their establishments to safer communities in America.

Back in 2021, New York was one of the top states to lose the higher number of residents. A huge factor is that this was not just the high taxes and overall unaffordable living costs in the state, but also tyrannical mandates being pushed by New York Democrats.

With all the problems facing New York, most people might think the state’s leaders would be focusing on their own issues, rather than attacking Florida.

However, recent commentary from New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D-NY) proves otherwise, according to American Thinker.

The Meltdown of the New York City Mayor

Many of the folks who moved away from New York last year found a home for themselves in Florida. Naturally, this infuriates Democrats; it also explains the latest antics from Mayor Adams.

Earlier this week, Adams announced his city’s outreach campaign to LGBTQ+ Florida residents to move to New York City. The foundation of this campaign, however, is rooted in a lie that claims Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law is hateful to LGBTQ+ folks.

Actually, Parental Rights in Education only ensures that children in kindergarten, first, second, and third-grade classes are not taught about the complex matters of gender politics. This is not information that young children are able to understand anyway.

On one billboard, it reads that New Yorkers don’t believe in saying things like “don’t say gay.”

Of course, this is a reference to the Parental Rights in Education law. Leftists are arguing this is a “Don’t Say Gay” law, even though there’s no reference to the word “gay” or a ban against the word “gay” in Florida’s law.

Bigger Fish to Fry in New York City

Instead of Mayor Adams misrepresenting Florida’s newest education law, he should be focused on restoring public safety to his city.

One great way of making this happen would be rehiring the New York City police officers who were fired for refusing to get a COVID vaccine. Thus far, Adams has stated that he doesn’t have any plans to give these officers back their jobs.

During New York City’s mayoral election, Adams ran on ending crime and claimed that his prior service as a police officer would allow him to restore public safety.

So far, this remains to be seen.